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Why do we focus on independent businesses?

More than ever, independent businesses are critical to the health of our communities. The transition to a hybrid or cloud-based business has been difficult.

Big online platforms promise simplicity, but the fact is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and relying on one provider is risky.

Our mission is to empower business owners to maintain their independence. We support more than 200 service and software solutions to ensure you have the flexibility of choice you need to be successful.

success story



Hudson Speedway is a family-friendly race track in Hudson, New Hampshire.

As a traditionally cash-based business, Hudson Speedway was facing several challenges. First, how to transact responsibly during COVID. They also wanted to offer their customers more convenience and payment flexibility. And finally, they wanted to make their website more than just a source of race information.


PAYXPS is working with Hudson Speedway to:

  • Deploy location and social media services to improve their online visibility and engagement
  • Develop a new COVID-responsible e-commerce system with online ticketing and live event management
  • Install a flexible payments system with cash discount to allow their customers to pay how they want to pay

results so far

The new Hudson Speedway website will launch in April in conjunction with their 2022 season kickoff. Stay tuned to this space. We'll be adding results as they come in.

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