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The ERC (Employee Retention Credit) is exactly what it sounds like — business owners are being rewarded for their efforts to keep employees on payroll during the pandemic. If your business maintained W-2 staff through 2020 and 2021, odds are good you qualify. Don't assume you won't! It's free to talk to a specialist.


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Radiance Salon and Spa is an Aveda salon in Marblehead, MA that specializes in custom color, cuts, and spa services.

Online visibility was just one of the challenges facing owner Trisha Reynolds. In addition to trying to maintain her staff and retain her customer base through COVID, Trisha started thinking about how to de-risk her business and position herself for future growth.


In addition to providing location and social media services to boost her salon's online visibility and engagement, PAYXPS discovered that Radiance Salon qualified for an Employee Retention Credit of up to $182,000 through the CARES Act.

This discovery has empowered Trisha to reimagine her business. After 20 years of building and perfecting Radiance, she is developing an online university to teach new stylists how to build success in the salon business and launching an e-commerce store stocked with curated hair care products and stylist tools.

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Thanks to PAYXPS and the CARES Act, Trisha is making her online university a reality — building a business that empowers the next generation of stylists.

Stay tuned. We'll be updating this story as it develops.

Radiance has significantly improved its online visibility, and that has translated into new clients and increased stability for the salon.

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