When accessing your Experience Gateway, you will first be brought to the Dashboard. This is broken down into the following:

  1. Location switcher – Allows you to switch between business locations. You can also set the default location that is loaded when you log in to the Experience Gateway.
  2. Navigation – Used to navigate between the different pages within your Experience Gateway. Both the Products and Settings tabs can be expanded to show submenus.
  3. Welcome banner – Allows you to quickly connect either your Google My Business or Facebook accounts. These sources are used to power various data throughout the platform, so it is highly recommended you connect these.
  4. Recent activity – Shows important events that have occurred recently. These are pulled directly from the products active on your account.
  5. Products – Shows the top products for your account. These can be re-ordered by pinning products in the Navigation menu.
  6. Account details – Shows the business details of the account you are currently viewing.