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Switching Locations

Your Experience Gateway allows you to manage all of your business locations from one centralized hub.

Default location

When a user first logs in to the Experience Gateway, they will be shown the dashboard for their Default Location. Initially, this will be set to the first account they were given access to. To change their default location, there are a few short steps the user will need to complete.

  1. From your Experience Gateway, select your business name.
  2. Select baseline-more_vert-24px__3_.svgnext to the desired default location.
  3. Select Make default.

This location will now be selected by default when the user accesses the Experience Gateway.

Switching locations

Users can easily switch their location in a similar manner.

  1. From your Experience Gateway, select your business name.
  2. Select the desired business.

This will take the user to the dashboard for the desired business. If the user is expecting to see a business that is not present, you may need to change their permissions.

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