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Navigation & Tabs

The Experience Gateway is designed to be a central hub for everything you need to run your business, including access to apps and automated proof-of-performance reporting.

The side navigation menu in your Experience Gateway allows you to quickly access what’s most important. Products are featured right within the navigation, and you can choose which products to feature, in what order, for quick access.


The navigation features tabs that are available when features are enabled for each of your users.

  • Dashboard
  • Executive Report
  • Products
    • [All active products appear here]
  • Recent Activity
  • Store
  • Customer List
  • Guides
  • Brands [Soon to be retired]
  • Files
  • Settings
    • Business Profile
    • Social Connections
    • Notification Settings
    • Manage Recipients

Pinning Products

For accounts that have many products, users can choose which products are pinned to the navigation, by ‘pinning’ their favorite products either from within the Experience Gateway navigation > Products dropdown, or on My Products page.

Products available for pinning will display a grey pin icon beside them (on desktop, pins are hidden and appear only when hovering) and when pinned, they immediately move to the top of the Products Card, Navigation, and My Products page, in the order they were pinned.

The first four pinned items will also display on the dashboard.

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