customers into supporters

Winning businesses have supporters, not customers – because they understand that sales are more than just transactions. It’s about experiences, and with the cost of customer acquisition so high, it’s never been this important. That’s where you come in – showing businesses the way, opening up better, more timely and high-value conversations.
Build your community
Manage your communications
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can succeed in this journey

Without needing to become an expert in digital marketing, you’ll be able to Jump-start recovery and growth with a 90-day plan. Best of all, you deliver fast wins freeing up more of your time while we do the heavy lifting.

business owners

Seamless reporting on the whole customer experience, from one dashboard. Understand at a glance, where you’re winning, and how to impact your customers' journeys more effectively. Measure, track and impact your business.

payments agents

Switch from account management to Customer Success! Become proactive instead of reactive! Help businesses better understand and develop their customer experience so they can succeed. They winYou win!
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it all starts by getting found!

Know where you are in order to confidently build & execute a strategy to get where you need to be! With a Fincomm Score ℠ you can measure your visibility and uncover opportunities to improve and scale your influence within your community. 
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everything you need and nothing you don't!

You wouldn’t expect someone to succeed with their hands tied behind their back, so why lock yourself into platforms that limit you to only their tools and solutions? That’s why we are platform agnostic and believe you should be too. It’s time to make technology work for you, instead of you working around it!
A customer journey is a complex puzzle that we help you solve, by giving you the freedom and flexibility to choose what works for your business. With simple, streamlined services that empower your customers to LIKEPAYSHARE, everyone wins.
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